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Acrylic Tumblers with Lid
Tumbler Cups - Lid - Straw

Grizzly Coolers
Grizzly Coolers®

Custom Earbuds Cheap
Custom Ear Buds Cheap

Notepad Wood Pallet
Sticky Notepads Wood Pallet

Stainless Steel Drinkware
Stainless Steel Drinkware

Glassware Gift Set Product
Glassware Gift Sets

Yardsticks Walking Sticks
Yardsticks - Walking Sticks

Mag Lite Flashlights
Mag Lite® Flashlight Products

Blankets Beach Mats
Blankets-Beach Mats

Customized Water Bottle
Logo Water Bottles

Imprinted Cap
Imprinted Caps

Drawstring Backpack
Printed Drawstring Backpacks

Glassware Product
Glassware - Glasses - Mugs

Koozie Cooler Bag
Koozie® Coolers

Imprinted Umbrella
Rainkist® Printed Umbrellas

Thermoserv Insulated Mug
Thermoserv® Mugs

Stadium Cup
Stadium Cups - Plastic Beer Mugs

Custom Keychains
Custom Keychain Products

Folding Chairs
Folding Chairs

Rain Gauges
Rain Gauges & Thermometers

Tradeshow Giveaway Product
Tradeshow Giveaways

Business Promotional Items

What to choose, from the thousands of selections available for business promotion? A question usually answered only by trial and error. Just what are appropriate business promotional items for my particular company? Do I use just one item or more? Actually the factual answers are that much of the imprinted merchandise available is compatible, interchangeable and effective for your company as well as one that is a thousand miles away. For example large imprint area 4" x 6" Bic Sticky Note Pads or Post it Notes in a 25 sheet or 50 sheet pad will promote at your location and another three states away with the same result, keeping your good company name in front of a customer on a daily basis using a quality product which is best. Local storefront or bricks and mortar types selling to the walk in consumer public would want to have their name, address, phone number on the artwork. Statewide, nationwide or global companies gain better success in most cases with logo, website URL and a toll free phone number. As a stand alone selection sticky note pads are effective promotion for eighty percent of all companies. Desire more? Adding one or more products that will compliment the first one. For instance an order of sticky notes and an order of Uniball 207 Gel Impact RT Pens. Sticky note pads and pens naturally go together at the desk or on the fly for a winning business promotional items combination. These ideas will work to promote in a good fashion and at a low cost. At PII we are happy to suggest the right products to promote your company. Call us toll free to experience expert assistance and to gain additional ideas.

Custom Post It Notes
Post It Note Pads

Uniball Pens
Uniball 207 Gel Ink Pens

Customized Sticky Notes
Bic® Custom Sticky Notes

Imprinted Flash Drive
Flash Drive Products

Chip Clips
Chip Clips, Bag Clips, Can Lids

Cheap Pen
Cheap Pens

Cheap Totes Printed
Cheap Tote Bags

Four Color Process Coffee Mug
4CP Printed Coffee Mugs

Imprinted Plastic Travel Mug
Plastic Insulated Mugs

Holiday Product
Holiday Food Gifts

Jelly Bean Jelly Beans
Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans

Replica Trucks w/ Candy - Nuts

Coleman Cooler
Coleman® Coolers

Soft Side Cooler
Soft Side Coolers

Coleman Water Jug
Coleman® Water Jugs

Lip Balm Product
Custom Lip Balm Products

Personal Care Solutions
Personal Care Products

Imprinted Hand Sanitizer
Customized Hand Sanitizers

Mints & Mint Tins
Mints-Mint Tins

Multi Tools
Multi Tools

Power Bank
Power Banks

Brand Names - Appreciation Gifts - Made USA Promotional Products

Get your logo on brand name merchandise for brand association marketing, advertising, premiums, employee gifts, awards, incentives. In other words, Well known names include Bic™, Uniball™, Paper Mate™, Coleman™, Post it Note™, Thermoserv™ Mugs, Koozie™, MAG LITE™, Jelly Belly™, Maple Ridge Farms™, Chocolate Inn™ with the list of names ever growing. Summing it up, PII features only the very best reviewed & approved promotional products, many with brands and a good amount are Made in the USA to ensure your next appreciation project is perfect. Example, what is the best name to make an appearance the past decade? Hint, hint. Prized for Customer Appreciation, Employee Safety or Performance Awards, this will really get their attention. The answer is the brand name, Grizzly Coolers are designed to be bear resistant, the highest quality hard side cooler on the planet with two location imprint available for multi brand coop printing opportunities. Your clients, high level prospective clients and especially the office staff or plant workers will be absolutely be beside themselves with joy and thankfulness at the generosity you have displayed in awarding them Grizzly branded coolers.

There are many promotional products that are quality Made USA marketing or employee gifts not necessarily advertised as such by online promo companies. How does this translate into happy customers and employees we may ask? Point one would definitely show the benefit of making the CFO happy with a lower cost. Point two would be the fact that the current economic climate plus the state of mind in most Americans is USA Made translates into thoughts of quality manufacturing and American jobs. Yes it is a fact that companies and organizations are now of the collective mind set that Made in the United States is highly preferred over something that has a China or Mexican sticker on their advertising or appreciation gifts. Buy USA First is now fast becoming the motto for America companies along with the general working public, even if at times the price is a little higher than promos made on foreign soil. How am I to determine which are American Made, you may ask? The answer is fairly straight forward. When on our website simply look for the bolded Made in the USA when shopping for promotional products. Some specific examples would be custom keychains, lip balm, hand sanitizer, notepads available in small, medium, large, jumbo, letter sizes personalized with your art design which is the best all around medium to get the word out concerning your company name whether the marketing application be B2C or B2B. Conferences or conventions what products should I buy for that to show we appreciate the attendees? Since the majority of marketing or organizational staff members nowadays are women how about promotional products geared towards the feminine side? After all is said and done ladies love personal care products such as lotions, hair care products, bottled aloe vera, compact mirrors, tissue packs and boxes all of which we have available printed in four color process printing or 4CP allowing for the wildest graphics to be reproduced nicely for pleasing convention or conference hand outs or as surprise in room niceties at the hotel. Depending on the budget you may wish to put together a collection of the aforementioned in a basket with a nice bow along with some of our mints to complete the presentation. Even if the event was a little on the boring side the girls will never forget your generosity in providing a take home remembrance. For company picnics you will need employee appreciation gifts tailored to the occasion. For instance a company picnic at a local park setting with a limited budget stadium cups with your imprint design will impress the employee and help to instill pride in their employment with exclamations such as "It is sure nice to enjoy this event with promo stadium cups & our name on them is just the right added touch." Yes even items under a buck USA Made are much better for their moral instead of nothing at all being presented. What about the holidays you say? Isn't there a better way is there to celebrate Christmas than the usual small bonus that is spent tomorrow and the thought is forgotten just as fast? Everyone loves food and the holiday season as an opportunity reward your staff and show appreciation to your customers by choosing molded logo chocolates beautifully packaged or holiday food gifts with gourmet content selections packaged on a wood cutting board permanently fire branded with your artwork design or holiday cheer message. What about tradeshow giveaways you question? The item with the highest longevity at the lowest cost to promote your company is without a doubt yardsticks, walking sticks sporting a large continuous imprint area along with measuring scales on both sides of the stick. These are a few ideas that PII regularly provides to our customers. If you are shopping for promotional products with a logo call us for free ideas.

PII will continue to offer quality materials rigorously tested, measured to exacting standards & proffered at the lowest cost possible. Additionally we will strive to offer new American Made to you effecting an upward trend for increasing nationwide jobs, patriotic promotion that is, while continuing to offer people pleasing attributes to all of our customers. Personalized service, quality products, properly imprinted, delivered on time to ensure you will become and remain a satisfied customer.

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