Thermoserv® Mug 34 oz. Classic Colors, Lid, Print Colors


Blue Color 34 oz. Classic MugRed Color 34 oz. Classic Mug

Above left to right are the Thermoserv Pearl Dark Blue and Red color 34 oz. Classic Mugs.

Black Color 34 oz. Classic MugWhite Color 34 oz. Classic Mug

Above left to right are the Thermoserv Black and White color 34 oz. Classic Mugs.

34 oz. Classic Mug Lid

Above is the 34 oz. Classic Mug Drink Thru Lid.


White, Black, 102 Yellow, 186 True Red, 200 Cherry Red, 485 Warm Red, 021 Red,

151 Orange, 172 Orange, 208 Burgundy-Maroon, 292 Light Blue, 285 Royal Blue,

2728 Medium Dk. Blue, 7488 Light Green, 356 Medium Green, 368 Dk. Green,

320 Teal, 3272 Teal, 252 Lt. Purple, 2582 Purple, Pantone Violet, 476 Brown,

730 Lt Brown, 428 Lt Gray, 423 Gray, 877 Metallic Silver, 872 Metallic Gold

Pantone color match is $50.00 per color matched, NO Guarantee.

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