PII | Logo Art and Imprint Information

Promotional Items, Inc.™ invites you to review logo art and
imprint information to place your order on our website.

Please review our imprint and art instruction even if you are a professional graphic artist.
The information provided has been recently updated to reflect changes in our industry.
PII offers factory ready art production for art development as a service to customers.
The art cost is very nominal, performed by professionals that are fully qualified to
produce printable artwork for use on promotional products from our company.
If you require effective advertising text only imprint, we can provide that
at no additional charge with your information type set in a stock font
for promotional products, gifts and giveaways offered on the site.

Save hassle by taking the time to read the information that is provided for you.

Thank you for your Business.

Promotional Items, Inc.™

Email your art file to art@promotional-items-inc.com
State in the subject title:
Include your contact information in the body of the mail.
Include the desired Pantone number (s) in the body of email,
if applicable and any information that might assist us to serve you.

Text or Advertising Ad Copy Imprint

At PII we will set type for your advertising ad copy at no charge
for best professional look in one of our many stock fonts.
Most promotional products orders are served this way.
You may enter the text in the field provided in your
shopping cart. Specify font preference if any.
We will match close as possible or
contact you. Default font is for
most orders is Arial Bold.
You will be proofed
after a firm order.

General Logo Art Design Guidelines

No scans or placed images. The art must originate in the program.
As a rule, halftones or gradients will NOT print on most products.
Do not include those in your art design. Exception: Notepads.

All text must be a minimum of an 8 Pt. font size when the total
artwork is at the maximum imprint area size. Imprint areas are
displayed for each promo item in the Imprinted section
on all product pages contained within the website.
Certain fonts require a larger font size to print.

Acceptable Factory Ready Art Programs

Adobe Illustrator, In Design or Photo Shop are the Industry Standard
programs for creating a factory ready promotional items art file.

You Provide Factory Ready 1-4 Color Art

Art created in Adobe Illustrator, In Design or Photo Shop, no others.
Art must be created by a professional graphic artist, no junk.
Use registration marks for multi-color art so colors line up
Vector Art, All Text Converted to Outlines or Paths.
Saved as a CS6 File or lower, .ai, .eps or .pdf file.

Create the art at the maximum imprint area size if the
total imprint area is under approximately 6" x 6".
If the imprint area is very large an approximate
6" x 6" file is fine. True vector art is scalable.
File size should not be much over 2MB.
Most files are less than 1MB.

You Provide Four Color Process, 4CP Art

Guidelines and Art Programs Are The Same As 1-4 Color Art.
Note that 4CP art reproduction is performed to the closest
colors possible using Standard Factory 4CP which does
vary from factory to factory. No process is perfect.

You Do Not Have Factory Ready Logo Art

PII maintains a logo art dept. for one to four color process art development.
We do this as a service for our business customers at a discounted
rate compared to graphic development companies. In addition,
we will save the art on our server and do exact art reprints
at no charge for future orders placed with PII. Also, if in
the future you require an art revision, such as website
address or other text added to existing art it is
performed at a very low cost and saved too.
Hard to beat.

Supply us with one of the following: .jpg, .gif, .png or .pdf file.
Include a Word doc rough layout with one of the above OR
include in the body of email any and all desired text to be
incorporated into the artwork. Indicate font preference
if any. We match the font or close as is possible from
our art department font library of over 10,000 fonts.
You will be proofed via an Illustrator .pdf
by email along with an art proof letter.
You MUST place a Firm Order (s)
prior to logo art development.

Cost for Easy to Moderately Complex Art:

One color art=$30.00 to $45.00.
Two color art=$45.00 to $60.00
Three color art=$90.00 to $120.00
Four-color art is usually quoted, cost is $120.00 and up.
Four Color Process, 4CP art cost is usually $200.00 and up.
More than ten lines of text and or special fonts will cost more.
We determine what constitutes easy to moderately complex art.
By ordering logo art development for promotional products you the
customer indemnifies & holds blameless Promotional Items, Inc.™
(PII) from any and all Trademark or Service Mark or Copyright infringements.

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