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Promotional Items, Inc.™ invites you to review the available
payment methods and how sales tax applies when placing an order (s) with PII.

PII payment methods for order (s) as they apply to You.

1. PII order processing accepts all four major credit cards for payment:
AMEX, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

2. PII order processing accepts both government purchase cards for payment:
VISA and MasterCard.

3. PII order processing accepts e-Check electronic check payment method.

4. PII order processing accepts up front mail a company check method.
Contact us for a total order cost and the address to mail your check.

5. PII order processing can extend open account terms, 30 Day Net Invoice Account.
NOTE: Invoice account is extended only to those for whom we choose to do so.
Contact us prior to placing an order to see if you qualify for invoice account.

A. Most larger corporations. Lending institutions such as major banks, credit unions & thrifts.
Any of the A. above may be subject to the requirement of a signed, numbered purchase order.
B. Most educational: public schools, colleges, universities with a signed, numbered purchase order.
C. Most city, county, state or federal governmental agencies with a signed, numbered purchase order.

PII sales tax information for order (s) as it applies to You.

PII order processing has a presence in every state in the nation.
State sales tax is charged when applicable by State law.

Just simply verbally claiming an exemption from state sales tax does NOT qualify you for exemption.
Nor simply verbally supplying an exemption number, a resellers permit number, number of any kind.

If you are in fact exempt from state sales tax in the state where the goods are being shipped to then
PII order processing will accept an actual copy of a valid Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate or
an actual copy of your valid State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate issued by the Ship To State.

When a valid copy of either type of certificate is provided to PII order processing, tax will not be charged on your order.
Any and ALL sales tax charged by PII order processing is remitted to the State it is due as is required by State (s) Law.

Thank you for your business.

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