Promotional Yardsticks, Walking Stick Slogan Ideas, Optional Scales, Imprint Colors

Slogan Ideas:

We Measure Up!
Best by Any Measure!
We'll Go the Extra Yard!
Measure Your Savings at...
Service that "Measures Up"
We Go to ANY Length to Serve You!
By any Measure our Quality is the Best!
Your Satisfaction Measures Our Success!
For Quality and Service that Measures Up!
How do you measure up? Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

For Optional Measuring Scales-Yard & Walking Sticks
Printed with ad copy, add $45.00 per Scale or Section

Specify One:

Metric Scales (cm & mm)
Lefty Scale Stud Stick
30 Gallon Drum Scale
50 Gallon Drum Scale
Horse Hand Scale
Growth Chart

Optional Measuring Scales: Four Foot Sticks-Mule Clubber
Printed with ad copy, add $45.00 per Scale

Specify One:

Metric Conversion Chart
Encyclopedia Chart
Horse Hand Scale
Stud Stick

Standard Imprint Colors

Black, Red, Yellow, Athletic Gold, Orange, Maroon, Brown,

Lt. Blue, Med. Blue, Dk. Blue, Lt. Green, Med. Green,

Dk. Green, Teal, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold

Pantone Color Match add $45.00, NOT Guaranteed.

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